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Find A Babysitter is pleased to provide these childcare resources to help nannies and babysitters with relevant information. Resources you'll find here include interview tips, activities for kids, courses, police check information and more.

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Interview tips for babysitters and nannies
Use these winning interview tips to help you find a suitable childcare job
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Babysitter with a child
How to become a babysitter
Being a babysitter or nanny is such a rewarding role. It suits so many people - from university students seeking casual work, to career nannies, to more mature workers wanting part-time or full-time nanny jobs.
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How To Write A Great Babysitter Profile
Your profile description can help you land the perfect childcare job with the right family. It is important to spend time refining your profile, so that it showcases you and your wonderful skills.
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Cute Baby
Tips for nannies and babysitters
Here are some handy tips to help you enjoy your babysitting job
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Childcare Courses and Education
There are a range of childcare courses that nannies and babysitters can undertake to gain qualifications.
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babysitter telling knock knock jokes
65 Hilarious Knock Knock Jokes for Kids
Is there anything better than laughing with kids over a knock knock joke? Humour gives us such a great way to connect with others. Telling jokes and being playful helps parents and babysitters engage with children, while also reducing stress.
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Safety tips for babysitters
Here are a few online safety tips to keep in mind when making contact with a parent or babysitter
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Legal age for babysitting
We've done the homework to find the relevant laws about the legal age for babysitting in states and territories around Australia.
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Nanny about to get a job
Nanny Employment Information
The following information can help parents with employment arrangements
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Successful Orientation with Your New Family
There is a lot to learn each time you start with a family. Your new family is unique, with their own values and beliefs about raising their child
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Finger Painting
Activities for kids
70 of our favorite babysitting activities. Apart from being entertaining, many of these babysitting games are also educational!
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What makes a great nanny
A great nanny is someone who has decided to make full time care of children a professional career because she genuinely loves children
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Babysitters and Nannies rating system
Babysitters and nannies can be rated online by parents. Carers can also post replies to the ratings.
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