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If you have ever thought "we need a babysitter", thanks to now you can look for one effortlessly, whilst acquiring all the necessary information to know your children will be in safe hands.

Naturally, there is often a number of questions on any parent's mind throughout the process of finding a babysitter. Who am I hiring? Will hiring a babysitter fit in our budget? How do I make the right arrangements?

So to answer all these questions we'll be sharing information about what a babysitter is, what they do, what you can expect and what they expect.

For Parents

What is a babysitter?

A babysitter is simply someone you pay to look after your children whilst you are unable to for a short period of time. Perhaps you need to work the odd evening shift or have a date night with your partner - this is when hiring a babysitter can come in handy!

Babysitting is typically considered to be a casual job, where the hours vary from one week to the next.

A babysitter has to be flexible and ready to work varying shifts, for example different week nights.

A babysitter's first and only priority is keeping your children safe; which gives you peace of mind.

A babysitter's role varies depending on the situation. Sometimes a babysitter might be required to watch a sleeping baby or other times actively entertain a number of older children, which means keeping them interested and playing games with them.

What can they do?

The role of the babysitter depends on the age of your children and how much experience they have themselves.

Babysitters can be expected to prepare and make meals for your children during lunch or dinner time. This may include cooking a whole meal from scratch or simply preparing food from ingredients or instructions that you have left.

Some other babysitter responsibilities that you can expect include light housekeeping, managing sleep routines, changing nappies and most importantly keeping your children entertained.

Let your babysitter know what engages your child and what games interest them. This will help them spend time together successfully.

What can't they do?

Babysitters are usually focused on childcare. They are not usually expected to do other tasks that are not child related. You can discuss the details of the role with the babysitter and ask for her to do other tasks as agreed. This may include folding childrens washing or tidying toys.

Can a babysitter do housework?

A babysitter can be asked to do light housekeeping or housework. The first priority is childcare, but if they have any extra time you may ask them to do other tasks.

The housework or housekeeping may include cleaning the dishes after your children's mealtime or gathering all the toys.

How much does a babysitter cost in Australia?

The cost of a babysitter varies depending on a few factors. This includes things like the number of children, the ages of the children, the days/hours worked, the role, the age and experience of the babysitter. Rates also vary from city to city.

Most babysitters earn $25 to $35+ per hour. The rate of pay and working hours need to be decided on before your babysitter starts, which typically involves either a fixed hourly rate or nightly rate.

What do I look for in a babysitter?

Trust, reliability, skills and personality are the main things to look for. A short interview process either in person or via the phone will help you choose the best babysitter for your family. We recommend a face-to-face interview where you can get to know the babysitter. It's also great to see the babysitter interact with your children to see how they relate.

How can I get a babysitter?

Find A Babysitter has a large database of babysitters to choose from. Simply enter your suburb and then do an advanced search for specific details. You'll see a list of babysitters who meet your request. You can message them through our site. Or you can post a job and suitable candidates will apply to you. The babysitters provide a short description about themselves and what they're looking for, which will give you a great snapshot. Once you make contact, you screen and interview and they're yours!

For Babysitters

I love the sound of being a babysitter, how can I become one?

A casual babysitter doesn't necessarily require any qualifications. But you do need to have some skills, some common sense and enjoy spending time with children.

If you have enjoyed caring for younger siblings or cousins then you already have some great experience!

We do recommend that you have a Working With Children Check, or a Police Check to show parents when they meet you.

Do I need any qualifications to be a babysitter?

A babysitter does not need any formal training. There are courses available at TAFE if you are interested in studying in childcare. But for babysitting you don't need any specific qualification.

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