Interview Questions For Interviewing a Nanny or Babysitter

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To help you with the search for your perfect nanny or babysitter, here is an interview guide with popular interview questions you can ask the applicants.

  • Take time at the beginning of your meeting to establish rapport. Chat about common topics informally, before starting the interview questions.
  • Provide a brief summary of the job. Include details about the number and ages of your children, past childcare use, your needs and expectations.
  • Take notes during or immediately after the interview to ensure you recall the facts accurately.
  • Ask for their resume and references (including phone numbers). Also see their Working with Children Check (WWCC) and drivers licence (if needed).

Question ideas

1. What is your current position (course, university, workplace)?

2. How would your friends/family describe your personality?

3. Tell me about your past experience of childcare, do you have any formal training? (where, when, who)?

4. Do you have any additional relevant qualifications? (e.g., Childcare, First Aid and CPR)

5. Why do you want to do babysitting or nannying?

6. What are the best aspects of childcare?

7. What are the difficult aspects of childcare?

8. What are your interests and hobbies?

9. Do you have a Police Check/Working with children check?

10. Have you ever had an emergency situation and what did you do?

11. Have you ever disagreed with a parent and how did you resolve this?

12. What days/hours are you available?

13. What is your hourly rate? Is this different for daytime vs night time care?

14. Do you have a driver's license and a car? What is your driving record?

15. Do you have any health issues (including mental health issues) that would affect your job?

16. Do you have references available? Can I call the referees?

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