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A nanny is a great option for many parents seeking care for their children. A nanny can provide professional and personalised care in the home, tailored to the children’s needs. Whether this is for a baby, toddler, pre-school or school-aged child.

Why choose a nanny?

The benefit of using a nanny is that they can cover different days, hours and duties. This gives parents more flexibility and support when managing the juggling act of work, childcare and differing schedules.

What is a nanny?

A nanny is a professional who provides childcare for a living. They usually have extensive experience caring for children. In some cases this may be from raising their own children, bringing years of life experience to their role.

What days and hours can a nanny work?

A nanny usually works in part-time or full-time permanent roles. The exact days and hours can be arranged with the family to suit their requirements.

Are nannies qualified?

Nannies may have some formal qualifications such as a Diploma or Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. Some nannies may have other degrees in different fields, bringing broader expertise to the role. This may include degrees in the arts, health or education.

What is the job of a nanny?

A nanny’s duties and responsibilities will vary depending on the role. The focus is usually on caring for children. In addition to this a nanny will usually undertake child-related tasks such as food preparation, cleaning the kitchen, washing children’s clothes and tidying the toys.

Does a nanny need guidance?

A nanny is expected to be skilled in providing age and developmentally appropriate activities. A nanny should be able to work with limited supervision and guidance. The nanny usually sets up daily and weekly routines and activities, with the input of the parents.

Do nannies drive?

Some parents need a nanny to drive the children to and from activities or school. The parents may provide a car and baby car seats. Or they may ask the nanny to use her car. It’s important to check that the nanny has a current, clean driving record. It’s also important to confirm that the nanny has a safe and insured vehicle, with appropriate child car seats. When a nanny drives her own car it usually increases the hourly rate.

How are nannies employed?

Nannies working in private homes in Australia are either Independent Contractors or employees. This is defined by Fair Work Australia. When a parent finds a nanny through Find A Babysitter, the parent is the employer. Find A Babysitter is simply an introduction and job site.

How much does a nanny cost?

The hourly rates of a nanny vary based on whether she is an employee or Independent Contractor. Hourly rates are also influenced by the nanny’s experience and the details of the role.

How is a nanny paid?

The parents pay the nanny directly. Find A Babysitter does not take payments or commissions. This makes sure that it is more affordable for parents and the nanny gets all the money she earns.

How does Find A Babysitter work?

Parents post a nanny job on the site, to get applications. Find A Babysitter gives parents a convenient and affordable way to find the perfect nanny. As Australia’s leading nanny and babysitter site we have a proven track record of helping thousands of parents find the right nanny for their family. After parents meet a nanny through the site they interview and reference check the nanny. Then the parents choose the right nanny for their family. Find A Babysitter is not involved in the screening or selection process.

How does this compare to a nanny agency?

Nanny agencies usually provide a recruitment and payroll service. They often charge a Placement Fee (e.g., $2,000 - $3,500+) and an admin fee ($200).

How much does it cost to find a nanny through Find A Babysitter?

Find A Babysitter has a one-off fee of $79 for 3 months.

Is this a rolling subscription?

No. We don’t have any auto-renewals or ongoing subscriptions. Just a one-off fee. There’s no need to do anything when your membership term ends. We close the account for you.

How does the Job Posting work?

The best way to find a nanny on Find A Babysitter is to use our job posting. Parents can create a job ad to attract applicants to help them find the perfect match. The Job Posting gives parents an easy way to advertise for the type of nanny they are looking for. This may include requirements such as relevant experience, a drivers license, formal qualifications, or first aid.

What happens after I post a job online?

When a parent creates a job posting for a nanny the ad is published online immediately. The most recent jobs are posted at the top of the page in each suburb. They are also highlighted as ‘new’ so nannies can find these jobs easily. Find A Babysitter is very well positioned to ensure job seekers find nanny jobs on our site easily.

How are nanny jobs promoted?

Nanny jobs are also sent out in job alert emails to all matched nannies and babysitters in the area. Find A Babysitter has an extensive database so the nanny job is very well promoted to ensure the best results.

Can I email nannies too?

Yes. Parents can also choose to email nannies they see on our extensive online list. This is useful for roles like evening babysitting, when availability is easy to match. For other roles that have very specific days and hours (like after school care) it is best to use the job posting.

We hope this information helps you find a nanny in the most efficient and affordable way at Find A Babysitter.

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