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findababysitter.com.au is Australia's most trusted site for parents to find a babysitter or nanny.

Hi, we're Jeff and Delia, a husband and wife team who started this site.

We loved Find A Babysitter so much we built it, sold it, and bought it back!

We started the site in 2005 when we had very small children (2 children under 2 - what were we thinking?!). There was a severe childcare shortage, waitlists were long. We didn’t have much family support. We felt alone and relied on babysitters and nannies to help me return to work (as a speech pathologist), have an occasional date night, and stay sane.

But it was a constant stress finding nannies and babysitters. Agencies and newspaper ads were too expensive. We knew there were lots of fabulous babysitters around us, we just had to find them! We stumbled across the concept of an ‘online babysitter introduction site’ and realised this was what we desperately needed. An efficient and affordable way to find babysitters and nannies online. It didn’t exist in Australia. So we did some research, took most of our savings and built it. And that was the start of Find A Babysitter! Thankfully parents loved it and Find A Babysitter grew quickly. A big highlight was winning the National Telstra MicroBusiness Award after 3 years. Such a thrill! A few years later we were approached and decided to sell, as our children were growing up.

Fast forward to 2021 (and our children are taller than us!!!) and we discovered that the past owner didn’t want the site anymore. So we jumped at the chance to bring Find A Babysitter home. Incredibly we were able to buy it back! We refreshed, improved and relaunched Find A Babysitter in May 2021 so it could continue to provide an essential service to parents.

Over the years we've had so many people - friends, family, total strangers - tell us how much Find A Babysitter helped them. They all had stories of finding the perfect babysitter who became a valued part of the family.

This is exactly why we love running Find A Babysitter. Our mission is to help parents find all the wonderful babysitters and nannies they need to make their lives easier, in an affordable way.

We are proud to be the first, most experienced and trusted babysitter and nanny job site in Australia.

We're also grateful to be a regular 'mum and dad' team from Melbourne who love doing what we do.

We hope Find A Babysitter makes your life easier and we look forward to hearing more stories of your FAB babysitters and nannies and how they've helped you!

Delia Timms & Jeff Bonnes

Delia Timms and Jeff Bonnes
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